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How Belotea came about


Belotea was born out of the desire to find and promote the best products that Spanish cuisine has to offer and present them through an authentic and new experience via its website.

In a consumer market with such a wide array of variety, finding the honest and impartial information that is necessary to make informed decisions on what to buy is not easy. At Belotea, we work to fill that void.


Spanish cuisine offers a great many products but we have decided to focus on two that are at its very core: olive oil and Iberian pork products. We are not ruling out including other product lines in the future, as long as we believe they are a good representation of Spain’s rich cuisine, whilst also remaining true to our mission of offering genuine products of the highest quality.


We are not producers. We have dedicated a lot of time and effort to finding genuine and transparent producers who have a passion for excellence.

From this foundation, we have created the Belotea brand, differentiating between the four regions that produce acorn-fed Iberian products in Spain.

We have assigned a different colour for each product line: orange for products from the province of Córdoba, blue for those from Huelva, brown for products from Extremadura and red for those from Salamanca.

Iberian pigs at the start of the Montanera

Only 100% Iberian pig

All our products are made solely from 100% Iberian pigs, with no cross breeding with the American Duroc breed. We firmly believe that the best ham and chacinas (cured pork products) in the world come from the Iberian pig. However, it is a pig that takes longer to reach an adequate size for slaughter, as well as having a significantly longer curing process than other breeds or cross breeds. It is therefore less profitable for farmers and producers, resulting in a shortage of companies working exclusively with products derived from 100% Iberian pig. This factor not only makes it difficult to find products made from 100% Iberian pig, but also puts at serious risk of extinction an animal that was already pushed to the brink during the swine flu epidemic of the 1960s. At Belotea, we do our bit to ensure that this unique animal lives on and continues to provide us with its delicious range of products. (See more in the section "the Iberian pig").

Fed mainly on acorns during the ‘Montanera’ (acorn season)

Approximately four months before going to slaughter, the pigs that are to be used to make “acorn-fed” products are allowed to graze freely, feeding solely on acorns and herbs typically found in the pasture. This diet, coupled with healthy exercise as they roam freely through the pastures, bestows unique and unrivalled sensory properties on these products. All of Belotea’s pork products have been through this crucial last phase before slaughter.

Only 100% acorn-fed Iberian products

By working exclusively with producers who comply with these two principles regarding the animals’ breed and their diet, we can guarantee that all of Belotea’s products are made from 100% acorn-fed Iberian pigs. This is true for jamón, paleta, lomo and chacinas (cured pork products such as chorizo, salchichon….). The most commonly-used control mechanisms – the denomination of origin and Iberian pork regulations – do not cover the complete range of pork products. In the case of the denominations, they only cover whole legs of jamón and paleta and the criteria differ significantly from one to the other. On the other hand, the new Iberian pork regulations cover cañas de lomo (cured pork loin sausage) as well as also including sliced products.


The selection criteria for the oils we offer at Belotea meet the same objectives: to find the highest quality products whose origin and processing methods are as traceable as possible, offering our customers maximum transparency.

Hacienda Queiles

Grandes pagos de olivar: Guaranteed quality and provenance

At Belotea, we want to highlight an initiative that is unique to Spain: the oils that form part of the "Grandes Pagos de Olivar" association. These oils are only made from olives harvested from the same olive grove and which belongs to the same producer. In addition, the mill must be located within their olive grove in the style of a French "Château", ensuring that the time between harvesting the fruit and processing the oil is kept to a minimum.