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Product storage

Whole legs of jamón or paleta

These products do not require special conditions for optimum storage because they are protected by their own fat. It should be noted that they are best stored in a dry place at moderate temperatures.

Vacuum-packed Iberian products

All Iberian products marketed by Belotea must be kept refrigerated to maintain their qualities for as long as possible. For the majority of lines, we recommend that they be consumed within six months of receiving the product and that, once opened, they be re-wrapped and stored in the refrigerator until the next time they are consumed.

Product storage

Olive oil

Olive oil does not require special conditions for optimum storage. Moreover, the vast majority of products are packaged in opaque containers that keep out direct light, one of the main elements that is detrimental to olive oil. Unlike wine, oil loses its aromas and flavours very gradually over time. Fortunately, this deterioration is slow and oils will easily last from one season to the next and even longer. Because of this, at Belotea we try to ensure that the oils remain sealed in containers and undisturbed at the manufacturers until shortly before being bottled and shipped to our customers.