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100% iberian acorn-fed cured cold cuts

It is difficult to be certain whether the Iberian products we consume come from 100% Iberian pig that has been fed exclusively on acorns during the ‘montanera’ (acorn season). Having that certainty with cured meats is almost mission impossible as several types of meat are combined to make them and tracing their source is virtually impossible.

The only solution that we have come across at Belotea is to solely work with producers that are exclusively dedicated to the production of jamón and chacina (cured pork products) from 100% acorn-fed Iberian pigs. In this way, we know the origin of the meat that makes our charcuterie, giving them exceptional quality and flavour.

Salchichón - salami (buy salchichón from Belotea)

Salchichón is a product that is widespread throughout different regions and countries with a long tradition of charcuterie. Products may change from place to place depending on which animals the meats come from, which part of the animal, the ratio of fat to meat and the recipe for marinating the meat. At Belotea, we only work with 100% acorn-fed Iberian salchichón made only from the best cuts.

100% iberiaan acorn-fed cured pork salchichon

Chorizo (buy chorizo from Belotea)

Chorizo, another type of cured sausage, is a typically Spanish product. It is seasoned with paprika, which gives it its reddish colour. There are many types of chorizo and it is very difficult to find 100% Iberian chorizo from acorn-fed pigs on the market.

100% iberiaan acorn-fed cured pork chorizo