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Shipping and returns


Orders will be shipped as quickly as possible once a purchase has been made and payment validated. Belotea promises to ship purchased products within the next 72 working hours.

Shippment will be carried out with no cost for the user for orders over £150.

Shipping and returns


Belotea promises to offer an exchange or full refund, including shipping costs, if any of its products are:

- Not fit for consumption due to their condition

- Have damaged packaging (broken glass container, incorrect vacuum packing).

- Is not what the customer ordered

Returns period

The returns process must start no later than two weeks after making the purchase. Note: when returning whole legs of jamón or paleta, these must be at least 75% of their original weight.


Refunds or exchanges will not be made if the product does not meet the customer’s expectations but is fit for consumption. Please note that each Iberian product is unique due to the traditional way in which it is produced. Therefore, although we strive for product uniformity, this is impractical. The appearance of some products may be better than others even though all of them adhere to the very highest quality standards. -


For more information or if you have any queries, please check our terms and conditions or contact us.