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Grandes Pagos del Olivar

The Grandes Pagos del Olivar group was founded by Alfredo Barral from the company Hacienda Queiles, Carlos Falco from Marqués de Griñon and Agustín Santaolaya from Aceites Dauro.

Later, Marqués de Valdueza, La Boella and finally Castillo de Canena were incorporated to form a group of six. Each company can only include one of its products in the association, and they are all required to observe the following principles:

- A commitment to agricultural practices, production and high quality.

- Harvesting the fruit early, putting the quality of the olives above everything else.

- No more than 24 hours between harvesting and processing the fruit.

- The date of the harvest must be included on the label.

Fulfilling every one of these principles is only possible when developing oils from their own olives and having their mill situated among their olive groves, in the style of the French wine concept of a "château". Below are aerial photographs of the various mills and olive groves of Grandes Pagos. To get a taste of their products, it is best to buy the "Grandes Pagos" pack available exclusively at Belotea.

La Boella

Castillo de Canena

Hacienda Queiles

Marques de Valdueza