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100% acorn fed iberian jamón

Jamón is probably the most well-known product in Spanish cuisine and one of its most exquisite delicacies. Essentially, it's the back leg of a pig (jamón) or the front leg (shoulder/paleta). There are many factors that contribute to one ham being better than another:


The best hams come from 100% Iberian pigs. At Belotea, we only work with 100% Iberian pigs.

Iberian pig


During the first part of its life, the pig must be fed on prepared pig feed until its bones are developed and it grows to about 80-100kgs in weight. It is during the last four months of its life when food becomes a distinguishing factor. A diet of acorns and fresh herbs from the pasture coupled with constant exercise in the field will ensure that the hams have a unique taste that is beyond comparison.


Once the pig is slaughtered and divided into different cuts, it begins a lengthy curing process.


In this process all the legs are packed in salt to encourage dehydration and preservation. The legs remain in temperature-controlled conditions of 0-5°C and 70% -90% humidity for a period of one day per kg of weight.

Washing and equalisation

After salting, the legs are washed with tepid water to remove any excess salt and then prepared before being left to hang for 35-45 days at temperatures of between 0-6 °C.


During this phase, the ambient temperature at which the legs are hung is gradually increased. With the rise in temperatures during the summer months, the legs sweat and begin to acquire the different nuances in flavour and aroma so prized in good hams.


Finally, the legs are hung in an underground cellar that is maintained at a moderate and constant temperature to finish the curing process.


You can buy our hams in the following formats:

Sliced ham and hole leg

Whole legs (buy whole legs from Belotea)

This is the traditional way to buy ham. They say there's nothing like a freshly cut ham. Of course, you have to know how to slice it and once the leg is exposed to the elements, it has to be eaten in a short period of time so that it doesn’t dry out and lose its qualities.

Off the bone

It's a convenient way to purchase a ham if you have a slicing machine. However, the difference with respect to hand-sliced ham is noticeable not only to the eye but also in its taste.

Sliced (buy sliced jamón from Belotea)

Slices are usually sold in 100g packets. There are two types; machine-sliced products and hand-sliced jamón and paleta. At Belotea, we only work with hand-sliced products. It seems a shame to skimp on the last phase of the product after such a lengthy process. Our master slicers tender the product in such a way that it melts on the palate; it’s irresistible!