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Belote's ropes

There are four regions of Spain where Iberian products are produced: Salamanca, Extremadura, Huelva and Córdoba. We have chosen a colour that best represents each of these regions and have dyed the traditional rope from which the legs of jamón and paleta hang inside the drying cellar accordingly.

Belote's ropes

Orange rope

Orange like the delicious oranges from the province of Cordoba, or the sun that so often bathes its pastures. This is the least well known of Spain’s ham-producing regions and the one with the fewest number of producers. However, the quality of some of its products is exceptional and its pastures are considered by some to be "the perfect pasture."

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Brown rope 

Extremadura is the autonomous region of Spain with the highest density of pastures. This is where the vast majority of pigs spend the Montanera (acorn) season. The region is mainly comprised of Holm Oak trees, whose sturdy trunks lend their colour to Belotea’s brown rope.

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Purple rope

Huelva is the only Iberian pork-producing province that has any contact with the sea, in this case the Atlantic Ocean. Although Huelva’s coastal areas are not apt for pig breeding or curing its products, we thought it a differentiating factor when assigning a colour to its product’s rope. Huelva is home to such characteristic Iberian products as Jabugo, Cortegana and Cumbres Mayores.

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Red rope 

Salamanca is the most central of the Iberian pork-producing regions and we therefore wanted to assign it a typically Spanish colour, like red. It has a dry and continental climate with cold winters and hot summers. It is the area where more Iberian products are cured due to the climatic peculiarities prevalent throughout the region. Salamanca is home to one of the most traditional jamón and chacina producing villages; Guijuelo.