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Legal Notice

BELOTEA & OLIVEA S.L. // TERMS AND CONDITIONS BELOTEA is the trade name of BELOTEA & Olivea , SL . These Terms and Conditions govern the access and use of the website owned BELOTEA & Olivea , SL ( hereinafter " BELOTEA " ), with CIF B- 86600194 and registered office at Paseo de la Castellana 30 , 4D , 28046 , Madrid. BELOTEA [ ] is an e -commerce where you can buy food , wine and crafts . If you do not agree with the terms and conditions or considerations Privacy Policy, please do not use the Site. Any use you make of the site require acceptance of the legal terms contained in this text. BELOTEA offers a wide assortment of non-perishable items , fresh food , frozen , chilled, prepared food , beverages and other gift products that may unilaterally change at any time and without notice, either adding new products or cancellation time or permanently others. The sale of alcoholic beverages to minors under applicable law is strictly prohibited. In any case, the products of this nature will be delivered to a minor. 1 - . Users Access the site gives whoever takes the user status and acceptance, at this moment, fully and without reservation, these Conditions . 2 - The use of the website The user undertakes to use the website and its services and contents without violating present legislation , good faith, generally accepted uses and public order . Similarly, you can not use the website for illegal or harmful purposes for BELOTEA or which could cause damage or prevent the normal operation of the site. 3 - User Responsibility Use of this site is under the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user . This responsibility includes the use by the user or any third party , passwords or similar codes assigned for accessing the site and any of its services. Without limiting the foregoing, BELOTEA reserves the right to refuse at any time and without notice, access to the site to users who violate these conditions. 4 - Partner Account When you use the Site, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of data and information and password to limit access to your computer and access codes to prevent unauthorized use of your account . You agree to assume full responsibility for all activities of your account and password . You must take all necessary measures to ensure that your password remains secret and safely . In case you have reason to believe that your password has been brought to the attention of a third party, or if it was used in an unauthorized manner , or may be , immediately BELOTEA this situation by sending an e- mail to the e -mail address and make the change password of your user account . Make sure that your information is correct and complete and contact us if there would be a change and / or alteration of the information that you provided during registration . BELOTEA reserves the right to refuse access to the website , terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders at our discretion. In case of cancellation of an order or purchase is made, it will be free of cost or charge to the member. 5 - . Sponsorship Any natural or legal person may register as a partner in BELOTEA direct registration on the Website or through sponsorship by one of the partners. BELOTEA allows its members to sponsor friends and family so that they too can become partners . 6 - Exclusion of guarantees and liability BELOTEA makes no warranty or under any circumstances be liable for damages of any kind that may be due to: - Lack of availability, maintenance and effective operation of the site and / or its services or contents , - Lack of usefulness, the relevance or validity of the site and / or its services and content to meet the needs , activities or specific results or expectations of users, - the existence of viruses , malware or harmful content - negligent misuse , fraudulent or contrary to these Terms , in good faith , the generally accepted practices or public order , the site , its services or contents by the user - the failure of third parties of their obligations or commitments in connection with the services provided to users through the web site. 7 - Information on products and services BELOTEA The descriptions of products offered by BELOTEA on its web site are accurate , and are based on information provided by manufacturers or suppliers. The data from each sheet and / or data service images , graphics or videos or iconographic and trade names, trademarks or distinctive signs of any kind are only related to the purpose of information. BELOTEA therefore accept any liability for the occurrence of errors in such information , but is committed to take all measures within its power to remedy as quickly as possible bugs or omissions after being informed thereof . If for reasons of force majeure, the product and / or service is not available after the purchase was made , BELOTEA notify members by e -mail or complete cancellation , where appropriate, the order partial . The partial cancellation of the order does not authorize the cancellation of the entire order , notwithstanding the exercise of the right of withdrawal, which corresponds to the user in accordance with the provisions of the General Conditions. 8 - Application for defamation If you believe the content of this site, or sites or BELOTEA be publicized ; is defamatory, please immediately notify BELOTEA this activity by sending an email to Once this procedure is completed, BELOTEA initiate the necessary steps to remove the defamatory content complained about within reasonable. 9 - . control provisions BELOTEA reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a partner with whom exist court dispute or request for payment of a previous order . BELOTEA accepts the order established partner in the general conditions. Member acknowledges and accepts these Terms and Conditions before confirming your order. Unless proved otherwise, the data recorded by BELOTEA constitute evidence of transactions between BELOTEA and its partners. 10 - . availability BELOTEA guarantees the existence of all products featured on our website, but does not guarantee the availability of each of them at all times and required volumes can produce exceptional absence of an article for a given order. If this event occurs, we will inform you by e -mail composition and the final amount of your order. The order will be delivered when you enter and in current times . In case of unavailability of the product once the order is placed and before the end of the bidding process of the sale in question , the member will be notified by email or phone. If you have already made the charge account when giving information about the unavailability of the product , a refund procedure will be performed by the amounts and the member will be informed about it by sending an email . BELOTEA will refund the amount paid by the partner designated by him for that purpose as soon as possible bank account. 11 - . price The prices of our products are indicated in euros ( € ) inclusive of all taxes. No management fees and shipping is included, the amount will be indicated at the time of final confirmation of the order ( see delivery terms ) . BELOTEA reserves the right to change prices at any time but the products will be billed based on rates in effect at the time the order is saved. 12 - . Purchase discount products and organization. The purchase of goods and services procurement by the user through the website are made ​​according to the established procedure. BELOTEA envoiera the user within 24 hours of receipt of the formal order by the user, an email acknowledgment and confirmation of purchase. The order of products and , therefore , the contract will be formalized and improved upon receipt of payment by BELOTEA . 13 - . Payment products and services Payment for purchases using credit card or Paypal. Payment cards are accepted: Visa , Visa Electron and MasterCard . According to the legislation in force and the security and confidentiality of your data BELOTEA does not record information on bank details. It is the responsibility of members to save and print their bank transfer if they want to save money on their accounts and transaction details . If part of the purchase amount was incorrectly charged did not have an identification of the appropriate credit card that has not been verified by BELOTEA , the member may request the immediate cancellation of the charge by sending a e -mail , and the amount wrongly charged will be refunded. However, if the purchase was actually made by the partner demanding the cancellation of the charge, it must compensate BELOTEA damages incurred as a result of such cancellation. BELOTEA has the highest security measures available on the market in the area. 14. The delivery of orders BELOTEA guaranteed delivery of products in the best condition through agreed with our business partners for the proper transport of your order process. At the time of delivery , you must sign the delivery note certifying that the order has been delivered and accepted . BELOTEA will not be held responsible for delays in delivery of orders or products not delivered on schedule acts of God, understood as such impossible to predict events without negligence or predictable , were inevitable. The amount receivable by the shipping will be specified for each specific destination. Option 1: a) TERMS AND PLACE OF DELIVERY The products will be sent with the delivery to the delivery address that the member has indicated during the order process . All deliveries will be notified by mail. After the issuance of the order, BELOTEA envoiera an invoice for the amount of shipping and VAT . To optimize delivery, we thank the member to indicate a direction in which the order can be delivered during normal business hours. BELOTEA will not be held responsible for errors or damages caused by delivery when delivery address specified by the partner does not conform to the delivery site desired by the partner. At the time of delivery of the order of the product, the member must present his ID on the support , sign the delivery and request a copy to the carrier. b ) DEADLINE The deadline for delivery of the goods , unless special circumstances occur , it is 72 hours from the date of completion of the purchase in question . Delivery is considered completed from the time the product was made ​​available to the member at the place of delivery indicated by the latter. 15 - . Products and services annulment of the election 15.1 RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL The General Partner will have a maximum period of fourteen ( 14) days after delivery of the product or recruitment function to remove all or part of the purchase of the product and / or service in accordance with the applicable legislation. After fourteen ( 14) days ended , BELOTEA not accept returns or cancellations of services. Before the end of the withdrawal period , the member must inform BELOTEA his decision to withdraw . To this end , the Member may : a) use the " Withdrawal Form " found on the website b ) make any other unequivocal statement setting out its decision to withdraw. The member has no right to withdraw as provided in the regulations that may be applicable and , in particular, by way of example and without limitation, in the following cases : - accommodation services , transport , catering, leisure , cis when they are specific to a certain date or period . - Prepared in accordance with specifications or products personified partners - services which the performance begins , with the agreement of the Member State and / or user before the end of the period of fourteen ( 14) days . - The provision of goods seals that are not able to be returned for reasons of protection of health , hygiene and which were unsealed after delivery - the provision of goods after delivery and given their nature have inseparably mixed with other goods, - the supply of goods which are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly assuming the withdrawal of a product must meet the following requirements : - the product must be sold in the same condition and maintain instructions , documentation and accessories , as far as possible, their original packaging and labeling. - Return to supplier / manufacturer must be done using the same box or envelope used in the delivery or , failing that, in a format similar to the return of goods in perfect condition - a copy of proof of purchase must be included and order delivery of the products in the package , the product also returned and the reason for return is made . - The partner must bear the cost of return shipping . 15.2 RETURN defective products The member has the right to return defective products or products delivered do not correspond to the order. 15.3 CANCELLATION OF ORDERS May cancel or extend the accepted and confirmed by BELOTEA each request before sending commands , assuming that any bank charges incurred by the partner. For extension or cancellation of an order please send an email to the address you can always contact order under reference the extension or cancellation of order. Once the orders have they left the store , no cancellations or additions to orders will be accepted. If a partner performs cancellation of an order, BELOTEA will contact the seller to inform and pay the corresponding amount will always be executed before the end of the expedition. 16 - . guarantees Non-food products have the warranty of two (2) years from the date of delivery and in accordance with the provisions of the regulations. The warranty does not cover defects caused by negligence , assault , use or misuse, improper voltage , electrical accidents , installation and / or use not in accordance with instructions or not conducted by an authorized service center where appropriate, or perishable materials subject to wear from normal use or consumables . Members must maintain at all times , the prospectus of the product and the instructions for use and installation of the product and all information adequate security. The partner may exercise the warranty of a product according to the regulations on guarantees for consumer products. In case of doubt , the partner may contact the manufacturer for assistance on the steps and information necessary for the presentation of relevant claims . 17 - Losses . BELOTEA not liable for losses incurred by the partners as a result of a failure of the suppliers of these conditions. BELOTEA can not be held responsible for any personal or business loss ( including loss of profits, revenue , contracts , anticipated savings , data, goodwill , or unnecessary expenses) or loss of profits which are not reasonably foreseeable by both parties at the time of the entry into force of the use website, or when the contract of sale of goods between the two parties is formalized . 18 - . Promotions - Coupons - Gift Certificates BELOTEA has the right to do for defined time intervals , promotion campaigns to encourage the entry of new members in their service. BELOTEA reserves the right to modify the conditions under which it wishes to communicate promotions correctly, go to the exclusion of any participant of the promotion in the event of any discrepancies , abuse or behavior contrary to the ethics of participation in the same . 19 - . Reviews , comments, communications and other content Anyone wishing to use the services of the site and especially the blog, accept , without limitation or qualification, to comply with these terms and conditions of the blog. BELOTEA users can participate in blog comments or networks . The contents thereof must not be illegal, obscene, abusive, threatening, defamatory, invasive of the privacy of others , violating intellectual property rights or otherwise objectionable to third parties and the content does not contain computer viruses , political campaigning , the content of advertisements, chain letters, mass mailings or any form of "spam." The user will not use a false e -mail address , not usurp the identity of any person or entity or lie about the origin of any content . BELOTEA reserves the right (but not the obligation ) to remove or edit any content . Any user wishing to publish content on the website and in particular on the blog, whether by graphic works , videos , musical works , photographs, animations, nicknames, names , symbols, texts, comments, and generally any textual visual or audio from this partner , hereinafter interchangeably referred to as " user Content " agrees to assign to BELOTEA a license for publication. The user authorizes free worldwide without limitation or qualification , the publication of the "User Content" sent BELOTEA . Accordingly, you expressly agree to accept these Terms and Conditions BELOTEA and the license for the "User Content" which includes: - The right of reproduction and distribution of " user content " in any type of media support, the role , film, optical disc format , etc. . , including carriers for advertising purposes , and corresponding to the shape of the graphic arts, by any means and modes processing techniques ( analog, digital ... ) for end-user terminals , such as computers , mobile phones , tablet computers , etc. . , in all formats. BELOTEA reserves the right to store, archive and organize the " User Content " used by servers and disk BELOTEA drive, RAM , caches, in all formats ; - The right of communication to the public " User Content " in its communication to the public by any means of transmission and communication , including the Internet and the Web site BELOTEA including your blog, Intranet , press, waves , cable, mode telematics and / or digital downloads, etc. . You agree that the "User Content " is used in a goal , both promotional and commercial decision by BELOTEA , especially in the blog that is posted on the Web site. Similarly, you agree that BELOTEA can use the "User Content" to quote and link to your nickname or your name on the blog, in its development operations , marketing and advertising. This license is valid in all languages ​​around the world and during the period of protection agreed for the " User Content " to his successors, in accordance with Spanish and European legislation. You agree not receive any remuneration for these publications. The user expressly states that any " User Content " added by the user actually owns or has the permission of the legal owner or licensee of the content and will not be achieved by the intellectual property of others , and more particularly BELOTEA rights of partners, nor the rights to the honor or reputation of others, or any other proprietary rights of third parties. The User guarantees BELOTEA it has all the power and authority to agree on the rights granted herein and the user has not made and will not , through a sale / license to third party or by any other means, any act which may jeopardize the license and, in particular , that people can be on some "User content" are not connected with the same by an exclusivity agreement relating to the use of its image or name. More specifically , the user declares that the "User Content" sent BELOTEA is quite original and that does not include a paragraph without any other work that endangers the BELOTEA responsibility. In the "User Content" provided by the user himself BELOTEA not or will not enter data or content involving children under 14 years. You acknowledge having been informed that BELOTEA : - disclaims any responsibility for the use or dissemination of "User Content" on any support, especially on the Blog site - must withdraw its website " content user " if in his opinion such content infringing partners BELOTEA , these Terms or the Rules for use of the Blog , all without prejudice to legal actions which could be taken against users who infringe rights to third . Therefore , the user waives all claims of BELOTEA and before any other business that may be replaced in the future. 20 - . IP The text , images, logos , trademarks, sounds, animations, video, source code and other content included in this site are property of BELOTEA , which has the right to use and exploit , and sense themselves as works protected by applicable intellectual property laws . Any transmission, distribution , reproduction or storage , in whole or in part, conducted for profit or commercial purposes, is expressly prohibited without prior written permission from the copyright holder . In order to preserve the intellectual property rights in the case where a user or third party considers that there has been a violation of their legitimate rights by the introduction of a specific content on the website , it informs BELOTEA the circumstance , by email at indicating : - Contact the owner of the allegedly infringed . If the application is made by a person other than the person concerned must indicate on whose behalf it is, - Indication protected by intellectual and industrial property content, and its location on the site, - Confirmation of Rights intellectual property; - Express statement that the person responsible for the veracity of the information provided in the notification. The legitimacy of intellectual property rights relating to content supplied by third property is the sole responsibility thereof . 21 - . Privacy Policy BELOTEA informs you that process personal data under the conditions set out in the privacy policy of the website. 22 - . Use of cookies According to the Decree- Law 13 /2012, of 30 March , which came into force on 1 April 2012 , BELOTEA hired a service that allows the user to access the Web site , you accept or decline cookies on use BELOTEA in your browser. In all cases , the user , accepting the policy data protection and the privacy of the website, unless the user explicitly indicates otherwise expressly agrees that BELOTEA may use cookies . Even so, the user can configure their browser to be warned of the receipt of cookies and to prevent their installation on their computers . Please read the instructions and manuals on your browser for more information . You can get more information about the operation of cookies in . Cookies used by the Website are only associated with an anonymous user and its computer and are not supplied . Under no circumstances use cookies to collect personal information. 23 - . compensation The partner agrees that violations of conditions or any other document, it will keep BELOTEA and free agents from all claims and expenses (including attorneys ' fees and expenses ) arising therefrom. 24 - Image output . and brand On the website , users can insert images . Therefore grants the user is not limited to BELOTEA who has the right to use all over the world without the right to compensation. BELOTEA is authorized to proceed with the exploitation of the image of users as it deems appropriate , even to decide not to prosecute, without incurring any right to compensation . 25 - . language BELOTEA may translate these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, or any other operating rules , policies or procedures that may be published on the Site. The Spanish version shall prevail in case of conflict . 26 - . Governing Law and Jurisdiction These conditions shall be governed by Spanish law. The courts are the courts of Madrid and renouncing any other jurisdiction that may correspond. 27 - . Contact Us If the user or a third party has questions about these terms , or if you want to make suggestions or recommendations , please contact us via the following email address :