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100% acorn-fed iberian lomos and lomitos

Lomo - cured pork loin (see lomos available at Belotea)

The ‘caña de lomo’ - cured pork loin sausage - is one of the most recognised cured meats in international charcuterie. In addition to its great taste, it is highly valued due to its scarcity as only two cuts of loin of approximately 1kg each are taken from each pig. Each house and region has its own way of coating the pieces of pork loin, so trying the different options offered at Belotea can be very interesting. Common ingredients used to coat the meat are salt, pepper, garlic and oregano.


Lomito – cured pork tenderloin (see lomitos available at Belotea)

Contrary to what many people think, tenderloin is not top of the range when it comes to pork loin. It is the part which is defined as top tenderloin and, in many instances, is sold as fresh meat. As a cured meat it has a fantastic flavour which comes through as it generally has a higher fat percentage than lomo and therefore it is often tastier. Its colour is slightly darker than lomo although it is often coated with the same ingredients as its big brother. If lomo is scarce, lomito is even scarcer as only two cuts of about 350grams can be taken from each animal.