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Olive varieties


This is the most widespread variety in Catalonia.

- Its fruit is small.

- It is harvested between late October and early December.

- This variety produces very smooth and fruity oils.

Arbequina olive


This variety is indigenous to Catalonia and was in danger of extinction. - The size of this olive is very similar to the Arbequina although it ripens three weeks later and is harvested between late November and mid-December. - It produces green oils with a strong character and a great balance of flavour between bitter, pungent and sharp.


From this variety, which originated in Greece, you obtain a very small, elongated fruit. These trees are more robust than those of Arbequina and Arbosana. - It is harvested in late November. - The oils extracted from Koroneiki olives are of a complex fruity green type, long-lasting and dark green in colour.


The Picual variety is the most prevalent in the world. Typical of the region of Jaen – a huge area of production – it had lost some industry recognition until recently. However, producers such as Castillo de Canena are returning it to the prestige of yesteryear.


This variety owes its name, ‘white leaf’, to the white colour of the trees’ leaves. These olives produce a high-quality oil and are highly valued for their use in blended oils.


The Morisca variety yields high-quality oils when produced as a single varietal. It is also a very profitable variety.